Engagement Photography in Orlando Florida

Engagement photography in Orlando Florida is one of my favorite things to do on a slower week.  There are so many great locations near Orlando, and it allows me to hang out and get to know a couple a little bit before their wedding day.  For this session, I found myself in Harmony with Alexis and Tyler who are getting married in April of 2016.  Alexis had visited Harmony once before and loved it, and since Tyler likes wearing his cowboy hat, I knew that Harmony’s horse farm and white fence lines would be perfect for some photos!  We had a blast walking around, laughing and just being plain goofy!  One of the horses came right up to us and helped us create some nice moments.  He even photo bombed a great photo that I ended up putting at the end of this post.  Luckily, we got plenty of others!  The weather was not the greatest as it was kind of rainy and cloudy most of the day.  However, the sun came just in time for our session and we were able to take advantage.  We did not get the sunset we were hoping for so that just gives me an incentive to get some sunset photos on their wedding day!  I had a lot of fun with this couple and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in a few months.  Below is just a sneak peek of some of my favorites so far from their session!


Country Engagement Photography by Matthew Hayford Photography

Alexis and Tyler are an amazing couple. I love the way they are looking at each other and creating a beautiful moment in this photo.

Orlando Engagement Photography by Matthew Hayford Photography

What a beautiful couple that interacts so well together. Combining them with the setting sun, I was able to get that backlit golden glow that I love!

Engagement Photos in Harmony

Harmony has so many great locations to photograph couples. I love all the trees and walkways. It allows us to shoot a lot of variety and get a lot of different looks.

Matthew Hayford Photography

I love this series of photos because of the interactions they had. We really had a lot of fun!

Matthew Hayford Engagement Photography

Here’s the photo bomber that decided to interrupt a great photo! We got plenty of great shots anyway but I will probably put this one in the outtakes folder!

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